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How to Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Simple 6 steps

Remove Adsense Auto Ads

What is Google AdSense auto ads?

AdSense Auto Ads is an easy and creative way to reach publishers. Automatically monetize their pages with just one ad piece. Auto ads for AdSense can help monetize new posts. When maintaining a good user experience.AdSense publishers increase their earnings with higher rates of return. Auto ads analyze your pages and find new places to show your ads. let’s start! Full control over your ads. General and automated tools. B 26 b pay publishers. Smart ad placements. Publisher of 2M AdSense.

How to Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads

Was your website suddenly covered in AdSense ads that you didn’t place there? This could be due to auto ads rotating on your site automatically.Chances are, if you are reading this page, it is because you found that your website was suddenly covered in ads where you did not. Google recently launched Auto ads on a much larger scale. And in many cases you had to withdraw from this one in particular.

I am in the minority when it comes to advertising space. While this means that I make less money from ads than I do and that Google does a much better job optimizing ads on my site to get the most money, I prefer not to cover ads on my sites even if they make some money. So I just wanted to turn off auto ads completely.

This is the nuclear alternative. This disables automatic site-wide advertising. There are more fine controls to control portions of your content or specific pages. The other option is to completely remove the AdSense icon from the page – of course, this is the one that still needs to be turned on for Auto ads or any other AdSense ads.

How to Remove Adsense Auto Ads

1. Sign in to Adsense

2. Select the site.

Go to the list of sites you have with Adsense enabled. The second column tells you whether Auto Ads is On or Off for each site.

3. Edit options for the site.

Click on the pencil icon at right to open the edit screen.

4. Toggle Auto Ads to off.

You’ll see a switch at the top to toggle Auto Ads on or off.

5. Click Apply to Site.

Don’t forget to do this or the changes won’t stick.

6. Confirm the status change.

Now, when you go to the list of websites, the status should have changed for that site in the Auto Ads column.

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