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How to make multiple read more read less buttons in the same one page

How to make multiple read more

<div class="card" data-city="buda">
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    <button onclick="readMore('buda')" class="myBtn">Read more</button>
<div class="card" data-city="barca">
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    <button onclick="readMore('barca')" class="myBtn">Read more</button>



function readMore(city) {
    let dots = document.querySelector(`.card[data-city="${city}"] .dots`);
    let moreText = document.querySelector(`.card[data-city="${city}"] .more`); 
    let btnText = document.querySelector(`.card[data-city="${city}"] .myBtn`);

    if ( === "none") { = "inline";
        btnText.textContent = "Read more"; = "none";
    } else { = "none";
        btnText.textContent = "Read less"; = "inline";


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