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How to stop windows 10 automatic updates permanently 2019

Don’t worry you are now in . I know you are looking for an article for stooping windows 10 automatic updates permanently. It is the right place to solve your problem. stop windows 10 automatic updates

If you are a Windows 10 user, you always notice, that you are always forced to install the automatic updates without your permission. It happens when you connect your Computer to the internet then it start an automatic update whether you like or not. For that your Internet speed(bandwidth) became slow. Sometimes it restarts your computer and takes a long time to open. It spends so much time to update and prefers to again in the same place. If we can control  How to stop windows 10 automatic updates permanently. Yes, today I will tell you to step by step How you can stop windows 10 automatic updates permanently. Let’s start –

How you can stop windows 10 automatic updates permanently:

STEP 1 : First download a Software from microsoft professional website click here to                       download.

STEP 2:  Click the wushowhide.diagcab file and click Hide Update and next. Then click.                   You will show current file which you have to check and click next and finished.

STEP 3 : Go to your control panel and select view by as small.

STEP 4 : Click administrative tools

STEP 5 :  Scroll down and  click windows update

STEP 6 : Double click and change manual to Disable then click Stop and  then Apply                      then OK 

STEP 7  : Go to setting

Find windows and securityThen you will find advanced option then pause update on and if you don’t find Pause update you will find defer update …then  check and select notify  to schedule update.

STEP 8 : Search GPedit.msc  and click

STEP 9 : click computer configuration>administrative template then click  Windows                  Component


Then scroll down and find windows update and click  Window update

STEP 10 : Find Configure Automatic Updates and double click select enable and select notifiy for download and install then click apply and click OK.

Yes We have done our work . It is the main legal process to stop windows 10 automatic updates permanently in  2019.

Hope this process will Work for you 100%. If you  face any problem please feel free to comment or contact with us. Our team is always ready to help your.

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