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How to active windows 10/ 8/7 for lifetime || just 1 click in 1 minute…

Hello, everyone Today i will show your how to active your windows easily for a lifetime ..

Let’s start 
Step 1: Go to any browser from your pc
Step 2: Type in the search bar of the browser =

Step 3:  then a page will appear here you will show the code …

Step 4: just click any here and press ctrl+A for all select

Step 5: and press ctrl+c to copy

step 6: go to your computer and create a new text document and paste all code in the document and save it as text.

step 7: you need to change the file extension from text to cmd …if your extension does not show please go to my computer and click view from the above sidebar. and mark the show extension and now go to your document and you just rename the extension text to cmd.

step 8: open as administrator and wait until it is active

and enjoy

if any problem please watch the video …..and enjoy

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active windows 10 active windows 8.1 active windows 8 active windows 7 this video is for educational purposes. It’s a tech-related video …

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